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Name:OC Interrogation: Answer questions ICly!
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How does this work?

Every Sunday we will post a question or topic. All you have to do is respond to that post ICly. Simple as that! Topics can range from the philosophical to the downright banal.

You are free to reply to as many or as few posts as you wish. You're also not restricted in how many characters you respond with, and your characters are quite welcome to interact with other posters. In fact, this is entirely encouraged!

Are there any rules?

Just a few. This is a relaxed, informal community and as such we want this to be as smooth and hands-off as possible. However, there are a few basic guidelines just to keep things courteous.

1. Be nice. It's that simple. It's okay if your character has an attitude, but please remain friendly toward other roleplayers who choose to post on this community.
2. OCs only. This is a community for original characters, and as such does not allow fandom characters. Fandom OCs are allowed. If you have a query regarding whether your character is/isn't acceptable, you are always free to PM a mod!
3. Keep things clean...ish. If you feel your comment/thread is going to go above 14-A, please state so in the subject line. We have no rating limit, but please make sure such content is clearly labelled. Trigger warnings can also be used if you feel they are necessary.
4. IC posting only. If you make a friend while posting here, wonderful! But please take OOC discussion to PMs/personal journals. Mild OOC discussion relevant to immediate RP is quite acceptable.

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